Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Best Dressed Dotee Doll for Swap Bot

I have recently started back sewing after a 30 year break and have discovered I like making dolls.  I discovered Dotee dolls at Swap-Bot and after some research and little tweaking, this is what I came up with. 

The standard dotee has a felt face with an embroidery eyes, nose and mouth, and no hair. Also a hanger and a tail made from ribbon, beads, etc..

 I go back and forth between a flesh color knit cloth face which I draw the facial features with Mavry markers and a paperclay face that is molded and I use watercolor pencils to color the face and add facial features.  Then I spray the paperclay face with a fixative.  I also like to attach my faces with size 11 seed beads instead of the standard embroidery thread. 

I prefer hair on my frames the face!  Hair on this particular doll is fun yarn.  I love it because it can have that wild sexy look or depending on costume like I did on one, a little messy haired sweet child.. What do ya think?  I have also used the Lion's Homespun, that thick wavy yarn, and it looked great too.

My hanger is usually beaded on metalic cording and I like to bead the tail.

I am hosting a Holiday Best Dressed Dotee Swap on Swap-Bot and this beauty is on her way out west to live with Willow.  She is the 5th doll of this sort that I've made and I think the prettiest thus far.  She looks so full of herself doesn't she?

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