Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weather outside is frightful!!

Weather outside is soooo cold.  We even had snow here in Atlanta GA on Sunday.  Taking a break from my painting and Christmas sewing projects, I crocheted several cotton dish cloths while curled up in my recliner enjoying the fireplace and watching the snow come down.  Heavy flakes did last very long and didn't stick...so I had to get up and go to work on Monday....I was really hoping for a snow day!

I've been enjoying blog hopping as well.  There are so many great blogs out there, check out the ones in my sidebar and I will be adding others really soon!  Sometimes I think there isn't anything you can't learn on the internet!  Lots of great painting, sewing, crocheting, crafting tutorials out there.

As soon as the Christmas rush is over I want to start on my first quilt.  I've been gathering ideas, patterns and fat quarters for a few months now and will start out with maybe some lap quilts.  I purchased a new sewing machine a few weeks ago that will do free motion quilting and I'm excited to try that out.  

Speaking of quilting....I usually buy my fabrics at Hancocks but have been reading on the 'net about the quality of material in quilt shops.  I found a speciality quilt shop close to my home and checked it out over the weekend.  Wow!  The difference is really something.  It's like compairing cheap bed sheets with 1000 thread count sheets. The fabric is so soft and smooth.   They have a downstairs area that they put their older fabric in to make room for the new stuff and its all 50 percent off, so that makes it about the same price I can buy the quilting cotton and flannel from the fabric chains....Woohoo! 


  1. Hi Angie:

    I discovered the difference between good sheets and cheap sheets also. I have had good sheets ever since. I agree about the quilt shop quality fabrics, but I would never give up quilting even if I could not afford good fabric, anymore that I would give up sleeping.

    Thanks for following my blog, thought I would return the favor.

  2. Good luck with the quilting. I've thought of trying it out but I'm not good at sewing straight lines! I do have a crazy quilt book though, which might be more my style. I enjoy your blog!