Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow People Softie Swap on Swap Bot

Meet Henry and Alexander, twin Snow Brothers and were created for the Snow People Swap I hosted on Swap Bot..  They have been hanging around the last couple days waiting for me to be able to go to the post office to mail them to their new homes.  Henry is going to Durham County in the United Kingdom and Alexander is going to live in Pennsylvania.  They are very excited to get to a cooler climate than Georgia.  :-).  They have been hanging out with my girls (Dotee dolls) and it turns out they are quite the "Ladies Man"

They are approximately 7 inches tall and made of white felt I found at Hancocks as a remenant for 67 cents and still have a ton of it left.  So that was my only costs for these guys.  The buttons are from my stash. The nose is a very small triangle of orange felt rolled up with white cotton thread wrapped around it then sewn on the face with that same thread.  It seemed to hold the nose upright beautifully!   The hat and scarf were crocheted from some left over homespun yarn. 

Next project on Swap Bot I will be tackling is a Mug Rug.  A mug rug is an extra large quilted coaster made to hold a cuppa and a snack.  It will be my first time trying to quilt anything!! I emailed my partner to find out something about what colors she would like and found out she as been quilting for years. Also had to ask my quilting teacher, Professor Google, about some of the types of fabrics she was talking about!   So I'm pretty nervous about make one for her!!   I am planning on going through my stash tonight and find some of the colors she said she would like and make a plan!

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