Thursday, January 13, 2011

We have snow!!

Yep, Atlanta Georgia got snow.  And lots of it!  The storm moved in on Sunday, four days ago, and the roads are still dangerous.  I live 6 miles from my office and it took me 90 minutes to get there.  One little accident was all it took to back traffic up for four miles!!!!  It's been brutally cold, lows in the teens and the daily highs below freezing, so not alot of melting has occurred.  First couple days were great.  I stayed home and logged in to the work computers from the comfort of my den with a nice warm fireplace and able to look out the window at the beautiful snow while getting the essentials done.  Then still had time left to play!  But then "they" made me come in to the office and I had to get out on the streets slipping and sliding.  So I'm over it!

While I was home I got one Dotee completed (and several more started) for a Valentine swap on ATCSfor all.  This website swaps various art forms.  I swap on that site as well as Swap-bot.  It's very interesting to see what other folks are doing and their styles and by swapping you actually get to see it, touch it.  These swap sites also force me to stretch myself and try new techniques and different art projects that  I probably would put off trying thus eventually never getting around to do.


  1. Here in Germany we had lots of snow too early this year, but it's all gone now. It's great to work from home. Stay safe and be careful in this weather!

  2. Oh wow! O.O It's been so long since I've seen snow like that.

    This is theladyashuko from SB, and hopefully we both get the growth we seek there!