Friday, February 4, 2011

Swap-bot Goodies and a Mad Beagle

Miahalf on Swap-bot was doing a fabric destash and very sweetly sent me some wonderful fabric scraps and this wonderful shell she picked up off the beach in Vancouver.  It was all wrapped up in the middle.  What a treasure!!!  I love seashells, especially when they are broken and you can see all the beautiful  architecture inside.  I love doing graphite ATC's of these beauties!  Thank you Miahalf.
And this beautiful Mug Rug came from a Mug Rug swap on Swap-bot as well. Isn't it just beautiful?  It came from Lukayna along with a beautiful fat quarter batik in my most favoite color of blue. Look at all the different beautiful, interesting difference fabrics she used. It is just lovely. Thank you Mandy!!

Ok, you think beagles are so sweet and docile....They are until you wake them up from a wonderful relaxing winters nap on a nice soft couch .  My hubby really needs more to do don't you think????


  1. That mug rug is beautiful! I love the video too your husband reminds me of mine lol.. I'm craftymom85 from swap bot I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. The mug rug is beautiful!
    I'm tamtamlee from swap-bot

  3. Your video is TOO funny!!! and I adore your mug rug... Your blog is totally enjoyable.. So much I'm a NEW follower... I've hopped over from SB.."capturingmemories".. see you around..

  4. You are the fist person ive seen mention swapbot on a blog, I'm a member ,just started and so far so good