Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Very Productive Weekend!

Postage stamp quilt is finally complete!!!!  YEAH ME!!  I have decided to name it Promised Rose Garden.  Yes, I know the white "sidewalks" do not line up.  I planned it that way.  (kind of)  I love the way it looks anyway and it feels wonderful.  Top is 100% cotton, of course.  I used the warm and natural batting and the back is flannel.  It measures approximately 35" x 52" and is snuggly soft and warm.  It was entirely free motion machine quilting. 
Flowers are in full bloom.  These are some of our black eyed susans.  They are pretty drought resistant and love, love, love hot sunshine!  Which is a good thing because we had plenty of that here in Georgia over the weekend and temps are to soar close to 100 this week.  Ucky hot!

Couple months ago we had some horrific storms move though Atlanta and brought down a huge tree from the neighbors lot, all the way across ours and into the neighbor on the other side.  Taking with it several small trees. It did not land on or do any damage to the homes, thank Goodness!!; We did lose an outside building and power tools that were in the building.  But the good that came of it was our back yard now has a nice patch of sunshine we can grow a small garden.  We haven't been able to do a garden in years because the yard was so shady (not complaining about that for sure!!) But now we have a few tomato and pepper plants.  This is a picture of one of our tomato plants.  Can't wait to taste some home grown tomatoes!!!

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