Thursday, October 20, 2011

Christmas Cactus Christmas Card

Another Christmas Card completed for the Wet Canvas Christmas Card project.  This one is all watercolor except for the purple stamen done with ink.  Something like this takes a few hours to complete because it is a one leaf at a time, let dry, then putting in more glazing and finally shadows.  I'm very happy with the way the background turned out.  It almost appears to be more of the cactus but blurred.  One of those "happy accidents" in watercolor.

This was done from a photograph of one of my Christmas Cacti.  Several years ago, a friend brought this over to me for Christmas and it was really huge when she gave it to me.  The original flowers on it were a bright red.  With the years the blooms have faded to a fushia!  Summer before last I split the plant into 4 different pots.  Now these pots are getting pretty full.  These planst live outside during the summer time on my patio around my fish pond.  I usually bring them in late October.  With the change in the light conditions, they normally bloom around Thanksgiving!  I brought them in earlier in October this year because it got quite cool early,  Several of them now have small flower buds forming.  My den should be covered in a couple hundred blossoms in a few weeks.


  1. You doing watercolors very nicely. I love doing them also. I usually follow your blog because we are friends on swap-bot.
    This is for the rating on the swapbot.

  2. I love the Christmas cactus you watercolored it so nicely.