Thursday, October 13, 2011

I've joined a project on Wet Canvas dot com to exchange Christmas Cards.  You send an original art card to each of 25 or so members.  Some members are doing one card and having prints made and other of us are doing individual cards for each member.  My goal is to do 1 card for each member and I only have about 7 done at this time.  But I do have a backup plan just in case I run out of time.  More about that next post. 

The leader of the group, Kim, started the group up a facebook page where everybody is uploading progress and finished cards for everyone to look at and comment.  It has been alot of  fun seeing what everyone else is doing and being able to ask them about techniques.  And making new friends!

This is one of the cards I've done.  This poinsettia was drawn with J. Herbin ink.  Then watercolored.  The leaves are textured with salt.  Backgound is done wet in wet. The yellow in the middle is Bombay ink. These cards are 5" x 7" 140# CP Watercolor paper.

I've really enjoyed this project so far.  I've been trying different techniques without  fear because they are only 5x7 cards, so if it doesn't really turn out ok, I just toss it in the scrap pile and if any of the painting is salvagable, it will turn in to an ATC, the back of the card is cut up for ATC blanks.  The other side of the painted side if not ATC material will be used to test paint I've mixed before I actually use it on my painting. So nothing is really wasted but maybe a little paint or ink. 

Art supplies are so expensive, I hate wasting any of it.  So this little exercise has "set me free".  Some advise from some of the better watercolorist of Wet Canvas is to be successful as a painter, you must paint like you are a millionaire....just can't do it!  When a block of 20 sheets of watercolor paper is $60 and paint is between $7 - $12 a tube......


  1. hmmm I have never heard of wet canvas dot com I may check it out after I finish on your blog Sarahc6967 from the blog swap please rate me ^^

  2. Oh this ones beautiful too.

    I should check out that site.