Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Couple More Finished Christmas Cards

 The model for the snowman on the left is one of my favorite from my collection.  This is done mostly in watercolor.  The sky is heavily salted for the effect of snow and even accidently looks as if trees are in the background.  I used gold glitter glue for the trim on his coat, hat and scarf.

The deer couple below are also watercolor, except for the snow on the pine tree is done with acrylic.

Both of these cards were done for the Wet Canvas Christmas card project.


  1. Your cards are wonderful! I love snowmans!! Your very talented artist!
    kraftykj (swap bot) from check out my blog #5. I know partners haven't been assigned but had some extra time on my hands and couldn't wait to come check out some new blogs:)

  2. The snowman is cute and the deer pretty and peaceful looking.

    -Iggygirl Check out my Blog #5