Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time for reflecting on our Blessings

This was for a journal tip in page for a swap on Swap-bot. 

Sometimes the things we all take for granted are the things we should be most thankful for...Driving to work I come down a road in Atlanta that has a large homeless shelter. Many homeless people wondering the streets, sleeping on benches...Seeing that on a daily basis makes me appreciate how blessed I have been. So......

I am thankful for my cupboards always having food. I'm thankful for my nice warm bed, I'm thankful for the ability to take hot showers at will, I'm thankful I have access to good, low cost healthcare that contributes to my good health. I'm thankful to have someone to share my life with, thankful for supportive family and friends. I don't have alot of money, but I have everything I need, and alot of things I don't need! Therefore, I feel wealthy!


  1. That is a cute journal page! I really must try to get more creative.
    We al have so many blessings that we aren't aware of,unless we take a minute to give thanks.

    kraftykj swapbot

  2. that is a cute page, especially the squirrel, it's adorable.

    I am also thankful for what I have, eventhough I don't own much I am optimistic and consider my life easy and blessed.

    -Iggygirl Check out my Blog #5