Friday, June 4, 2010

New Sketch- Soul of a Rose

I have been working on this sketch on and off for almost 2 weeks. I love graphite but it is SO labor intensive. However, sometimes nothing will scratch that itch but a pencil or two. This is my interpretation of my favorite painting titled "The Soul of a Rose" by British artist, John Waterman in 1908. I was first introduced to this painting by my sister. She has a beautiful reproduction in her living room and I have always admired it. Lately I have been practicing faces in an attempt to draw this...This woman looks several years older than Mr. Waterman's lady, but I'm satisfied with it as a first attempt at a figure sketch.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden in Full Bloom - Asiatic Lily

Our flower garden in is full bloom. This is an Asiatic Lily...Beautiful bright orange flower. Blooms are short lived however lasting only a couple weeks but has bright lush green foliage for the remainder of the growing season.

This year the garden as been especially prolific with extremely large blossoms on the petunias and bright red geraniums. Hoping to attact humming birds! They are so much fun to watch. The feeders we purchased last year have perches for them to land...until then I had never seen one not in flight with the wings flapping 100 miles a minute. Wow, a wonderfult treat!