Thursday, February 17, 2011

Upcycled Blue Jean legs

My husband loves his cuttoff jeans and because he couldn't find any shorts in the store he liked last summer, he decided to cut off a few pairs of his long pants.  So I took 3 of the legs, 2 for a little girl's skirt and 1 to make a matching handbag. (Still have 3 legs left to do something else with....)

First, I removed the thick hard seams with my rotary cutter.  The inner seam to the pant leg was left in place.  Placed right sides together.  I added 4 inches to my granddaughters waist measurement. Added 1 1/2 inches to the fnished length I wanted, then added an additonal 4 inches to the bottom width that the measurement at the waist.  I then took my 6 x 24 ruler and cut, matched on end to the desired width at the waist, the bottom of the ruler at the desired width at the bottom and cut.  Repeat on other side.  Sew side seams together with a 5/8" seam allowance.  Since I do not have a serger and denim frays terribly, when ironing seams open, I placed fusable heming at the inside edge of each side of the seam to deter fraying.  Turn under top waist edge 1/4" and sew.  I used 3/4" elastic for the waist.  On the bottom, I turned under 1/4" and sewed along bottom edge.  I used some glittery blue jean trim I had received from a tag package from Swap-bot and sewed along outside bottom..

The purse:  I took one additional leg and cut to length of 8 inches.  Turned right side in and double stitched raw edge.  Trim corners and turn.  I used the remainder of the trim for the handles, sewn securely two inches  inside bag.  
Result --- Blingy Blue Jean Skirt with matching shoulder bag.  I bet she'll love it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Maggie's Quilt Finally Finished!!!


Ok, between bouts of a cold, and other things coming up, I finally finished Maggie's Quilt.  She looks quite irratated that I'm bothering her in the middle of a Sunday afternoon nap for a photo session doesn't she?  That's Max, her favorite toy, sitting on her back waiting for her to get up and play. 

The free motion quilting on this is actually alot harder than it looks.  I was pleased with some of the stitching and some not.  I've learned I cannot do the free motion quilting when I'm tired! When I am tired I don't move the fabric as quickly and the stitches become too long.  Also when tired it's easier to loose my place and where to go next and skipped some blocks that I had to go back in and do later.  My best, most even stitching was done in about the first 15 - 20 minutes I sat at the machine and the quilting gloves did make the fabric move easier and smoother.  None the  less, Maggie enjoys snuggling under the quilt. 

Next project?  Not sure yet.  I have a column quilt in mind for some beautiful fabric scraps my sister gave me.  It's a white background with strips of beautifully print flowers.  They are individual flowers and fairly large print.  The scrap itself is about 6 to 8 inches wide but is many yards long.  I saw the episodes of columnar quilts on the Nancy Zeiman show and  still have them saved on my DVR.  I thought this might be a good use for this material.

For now though, I have some smaller projects to get finished.  I am in a St. Paddy's dotee swap on ATCSFORALL and Swap-bot.  So I have a total of four of those dolls to get completed in the next two weeks.  I recently finished an Upcycled project, I'll tell you about tomorrow.  I've got a dinky baby kit I want complete, a couple art quilties that have been promised and I have an art doll in the back of my mind in the planning much I want to do and so little time!!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I need to get back to doing some painting!!!

I am planning on doing some watercolors of lighthouses and was doing some research online and found this video of waves vs. lighthouses...OMG, gave me the heevee jeevees!!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Swap-bot Goodies and a Mad Beagle

Miahalf on Swap-bot was doing a fabric destash and very sweetly sent me some wonderful fabric scraps and this wonderful shell she picked up off the beach in Vancouver.  It was all wrapped up in the middle.  What a treasure!!!  I love seashells, especially when they are broken and you can see all the beautiful  architecture inside.  I love doing graphite ATC's of these beauties!  Thank you Miahalf.
And this beautiful Mug Rug came from a Mug Rug swap on Swap-bot as well. Isn't it just beautiful?  It came from Lukayna along with a beautiful fat quarter batik in my most favoite color of blue. Look at all the different beautiful, interesting difference fabrics she used. It is just lovely. Thank you Mandy!!

Ok, you think beagles are so sweet and docile....They are until you wake them up from a wonderful relaxing winters nap on a nice soft couch .  My hubby really needs more to do don't you think????