Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Postage Stamp Quilt now in the Quilting Stage...YEAH!!

I have been working for several weeks sewing all these little 2 inch square pieces together, hence the name postage stamp quilt because the blocks are not much bigger than a postage stamp.  I purchased some of the squares already cut on ebay and made up the rest with scraps I had.  The size of this quilt is 36" x 50".  I plan to make another one in the near future incorporating all that I learned from putting this one together. 

Things learned:
  • An absolute 1/4" seam allowance is especially imperative when making such tiny little squares.  Just being a little off here and there throws the whole quilt off a bunch!!! I don't have a 1/4" foot for this machine and the one they make for it only has a mark on the foot not a guide on the underside like many. So I used painters tape to mark the 1/4".   I also have a little Janome 3128 and it has a 1/4" foot with the guide, so I have decided to unpack that little gem from the top of the closet and use it for  sewing quilt squares together.  I bought this machine when I first starting back sewing in case I  lost interest in sewing I would not be out several hundred dollars.  I used it for a couple months and decided I wanted a machine with more bells and whistles cause I decided I loved sewing again!  So I could not decide if I would sell it or save it to teach my granddaughter to sew on it....Well my little granddaughter has already in love with my new bigger machine that she can write words and make pictures.  The little Janome is a great little machine as long as you do simple seams.  No special stitches, just straight and zigzag and is not equiped to handle more that 2 layers of fabric or thicker fabrics such as denim.  So I have found the perfect job for it!
  • When free motion quilting you need to loosen the tension a bit on the top or the stitches are way too tight and the material is harder to move under the darning foot thus breaking needles!!    I learned this part early in the quilting session.  So the free motion quilting is looking SO MUCH better than the first quilt I made for my little beagle.
    • I so much prefer the feel of what I have quilted using the cotton batting than the polyester batting I used on Maggie's quilt.  It has a softer, snuggly feel.  So I will save the polyester batting I have left for mug rugs or place mats or purses.....Nothing goes to waste in my house!  For the back of the quilt I have used flannel.  Even though it turned out somewhat wonky with the squares not quite lining up, I'm looking forward to wrapping up in it while enjoying my first cup of coffee in the mornings.    After it is finished I bet I'll have to fight Maggie for it!
Also, with unpacking my Janome 3128 I can do other light projects without having to take my quilt off the machine it is on now and reset it to do regular sewing and when I'm ready to work on quilting again, set it up again to do the quilting...(Even sew together the squares for the next quilt I have planned before I finish quilting this one....I'm so efficient...hahaha) .So I'm very glad I did not sell it.

So upcoming projects I have planned? Not necessarily in order..
  1. Still have that baby doll to be created
  2. I have a little project planned for my sister's birthday..she has my blog address so it has to stay a secret for now just in case she should pop in to see what I'm up to ;-)
  3. I have 2 pillowcase dresses ready to sew for my granddaughter
  4. I have some fabric that came in the mail yesterday to recover the cushions for my dining room table and to make a quilted round table top or runner.
  5. And of course, I have my next quilt project to start.  I have some beautiful teal background with seashells, feathers, various seashore related items in a beige to soft brown print to be combined with a nice sandy brown solid that I am going to hand embroidery seashell or maybe even do applique from fussy cutting left over seashell main fabric. 
  6. An last on the list, for now...another postage stamp quilt.  My niece, who by the way has a little shop and makes beautiful pillowcase dresses and hair bows for little girls, has been saving me her beautiful scraps!!  Can wait to see those scraps as she used the prettiest fabrics.  You can check out her shop at http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.1299086367166.2035003.1530600723

Monday, April 4, 2011

New ATC - Rose in the shadows

A Wet Canvas site project for "People, Places and Things".  I managed to get this one done over the weekend.  It is an ATC = Artist Trading Card, Watercolor, 3 1/2" x 2 1/2"

Other projects from the weekend include a pair of shorts and top for my granddaughter and I started a postage stamp quilt.  I so far have one 16 inch square block finished.  It will be a lap quilt suitable for wheelchair use.  It is mostly done in pinks but has a variety of purples and blues as well..  It will have a cotton batting and a backing of dark pink flannel.